Spring Run Dairy classifies

Spring Run Dairy classifies

Spring Run Dairy is a small dairy farm located in Pittstown, New Jersey and operated by Dan Lyness. Dan started bucket milking his Jersey cows in 2010, and officially moved into his new tie-stall barn in 2013. In 2016, Sarah Phillips, and her sister Rebecca, brought the first Holsteins to the farm. Soon after, Dan and Sarah began purchasing cows in hopes to start breeding their own high-type show winners. Now, the Holsteins are owned in partnership between Dan, Sarah and Rebecca, and they are just starting to see calves with their own prefixes hit the ground.

The farm is home to 88 Jerseys – 60 milking and dry cows, 18 heifers, 10 calves, and 9 Holsteins – 5 milking, 3 heifers and 1 calf. Dan also farms about 90 acres to feed the entire herd.

Classification results

Alla-Valley Airlift Riley VG86
Guided-Glen Arch Taffy-ET VG86 3yr
Butlerview Door Eliana-ET VG85
Golden-Rose Sid Estelle GP83
Kulp-Dale Def Lori-Red-ET GP83

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