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Sorting Semen to Produce Offspring

Researchers at Texas Tech University’s Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) report they have developed a novel technology for sorting semen to produce offspring of the desired sex through artificial insemination.

The new method uses a chemical process called chemotaxis to create a “trail” for sperm cells bearing the Y chromosome to follow, according to a news release from Texas Tech University. The researchers refer to their technology as a semen selection chamber (SSC).

Researchers Samuel Prien, PhD., and Lindsay Penrose, PhD., with the TTUHSC Department of Ob/Gyn, reported their work in a paper titled A Preparatory Technique for Semen Selection.”  To read article click HERE.  Using the SSC method with semen from 14 bulls, they were able to sort X- and Y-bearing sperm cells at a ratio of 35 to 65 percent with one of the chemical solutions tested. They estimate this SSC method could result in a male conception rate of 72 percent.

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Source – Dairy today / John Maday, Bovine Veterinarian

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