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Smith-Crest Sees Classification Success

Old Man Winter departed just in time for Team Smith-Crest’s visit from the classifier. Congratulations to the entire crew on a great day! Results are as follows.

First Lactation:
Apple-PTS Addie-Red – VG-89 MAX, Judd & Deaver
Schluter Atlanta-Red – VG-88 EX MS, Smith, Gunst & Hathaway
Ernest-Anthony Austyn VG-87 Smith, Kueffner & Hetts
Smith-Crest Master All – VG-87
R-Vision Denver Presley – VG-87, Carns
Ladinostar Lyrical-Red – VG-86, M, E, C and C Gunst
Weigland Alexella – VG-86, Hathaway & Weigel
Ms Krull Awse Little-Red – VG-86, Krull
Booth-Haven Lady Diana – VG-85, C and C Gunst
Budjon-Vail S Dotty West – VG-85, Buske
Ms Diamond Bling – VG-85, Judd

Second Lactation:
Kamps-RX Apple B Akache – EX-91
Ms Ar-Line Unix Mabel – EX-90, 91 MS, M and E Gunst
Gold-Barbra Sid Bonjour – EX-90
Redcarpet Solo Sorbet – EX-90, Redcarpet
Apple Pie – VG-89, Smith & Ziemba
Krull Jordy Hazelnut-Red – VG-88, Krull
Ziems Ammo Action – VG-86 (3 days fresh)
Ziems-DRSN A Adelle-Red – VG-88, Ziemba
Smith-Crest Blake Marvel – VG-86

Third or More Lactations:
Danhof Armani Shania-Red – EX-93
Ar-Line Brady Alia – EX-92, 93 MS, Ziemba
Ernest-Anthony Alias – EX-93
Mystik Kreek DE Hala-Red – EX-92, Sam Pitterle
Marinex Diamondback Willow – EX-92, Annexstad & Gunst
J-Ren Okalif Verdette – EX-92
Luck-E Jordy Kayla-Red – EX-91, Peirick & Smith
Ziems Jacoby Los Angeles – EX-91
Smith-Crest Slmn Minnow – EX-91
S&S-Crest Adict Sienna – VG-88
Milksource Doorman Trinity – VG-88

Valley Gem HC Magnolia – VG-87, Redcarpet
Springhill Altitude Kendra – VG-85

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