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Excellent Results at Skycrest Holsteins Latest Classification Round

It’s been a great spring for the herd at Skycrest. After a successful spring sale, they are happy to report a tremendous classification round! With 28 animals scored, 11 were Excellent and/or Multiple Excellent!

RtoL: EX 91 2E, EX90 2E,VG88,VG87,EX93 2E,VG 87 , EX 91 3E ©Skycrest

Classification Highlights

  • Skycrest Goldenset Fireball EX 91 3E
  • Goldchip Surviver EX92 3E
  • Reginald Sandy EX 91 3E
  • Chelios Kibosh EX 90 2E
  • Goldchip Nut EX 90 2E
  • Windbrook Sassypants EX 93 2E
  • Magic Kalie EX 91 2E
  • Scorpion Peekaboo EX 91 2E
  • McCutchen Dewdrop EX 92 2E
  • Control Scrunchy EX 90
  • Solomon Salmonella EX 91
  • Doorman Lou Lou Lemon VG 88
  • Control Dynamite VG 88
  • Goldenset Foxygirl VG 88
  • Dempsey Speed Dial VG 87
  • Double D Liquor VG 87
  • Monterey Karaoke VG 87
  • Douglas Sandblaster VG 85. 1st calver
  • Sidekick Sweet N Sour VG 85. 1st calf
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April 22, 2021: Looking for an opportunity to purchase an exceptional heifer for 2021? The Selections of Skycrest Sale can have you covered in that department! Bidding begins today on Unique Designs & Marketing Online Sales. The Skycrest Facebook page is full of videos and photos highlighting all the selections they have available!

March 18, 2021: Skycrest is offering a sneak peak of some of the quality and exciting consignments they will have on offer for their ‘Selections of Skycrest’ Sale.

January 14, 2021: Skycrest has made the exciting announcement that they will be hosting their sale, ‘Selections of Skycrest’ with guest consignments on April 22-23, 2021!

December 18, 2020: It was a great way to close the books on 2020 with Skycrest Holsteins mid-round Classification results!

Classification Highlights

2-year-olds (Average score on 19 2-year-olds was 83.9)

  • Skycrest Impression Nutcracker VG-86 Milking Intermediate Yearling
  • Skycrest Sidekick Partygirl VG-86
  • Skycrest Solomon Dippity Do VG-86
  • Kingsway Unix Jello VG-86
  • Skycrest Mogul Schnitzel VG-85
  • Skycrest Defender Nanaimo Bar VG-85
  • Skycrest Sidekick Swizzle VG-85
  • Willswikk Sidekick Cabernet VG-85
  • Walnutlawn Alonzo Supercool VG-85
  • Skycrest Golddust Doozy EX-94 2E ©Skycrest

    Skycrest Impression Sparky GP-84 12 days fresh

  • Skycrest Sidekick Sweet N Sour GP-84
  • Skycrest Chill E Night GP-84
  • Skycrest Peter Scooby Doo GP-84
  • Skycrest Dempsey Prickly VG-88- maternal sister to Skycrest Mincio Prickles
  • Skycrest High O Kangaroo VG-88

New Excellents

  • Skycrest Cinderdoor Snap Pea EX-90
  • Skycrest Meridian Pizazz EX-90
  • Skycrest Yorick Sharkbait EX-90
  • Skycrest Windbrook Liquid Lip EX-91- 5th generation Homebred EX

New ME

  • Skycrest Golddust Doozy EX-94 2E
  • Skycrest Golddust NyQuil EX-92 2E
  • Skycrest Sanchez Taboo EX-92 2E
  • Skycrest Windbrook Skittles EX-92 3E
  • Skycrest Guthrie Tinsel EX-90 3E
  • Skycrest Sanchez Neat O EX-90 4E

October 29, 2020: The first and only show for Skycrest was nothing short of success! They have updated their Facebook page with photos capturing their results and time at the Westerner Championship Show in Red Deer, AB! 

July 13, 2020:

It was a classification round for the books at Skycrest! Out of their 66 tie stall, 43 were scored which featured 10 new Excellents, 6 Multiple Excellents, 8 VG 1st Calvers and many moved up scores. Their average herd score for this round was 87.4!

Classification Highlights

1st Calvers

  • Skycrest King Royal Sangria 87
  • Skycrest Control Dynamite 86
  • Skycrest Thoreau Ichiban 85
  • Skycrest Applicable T-Rex 85Skycrest Unix Double Bubble 85
  • Skycrest Unix Hang Nail 85
  • Skycrest Defender Starburst 85
  • Skycrest Dempsey Speed Dial 85
  • Skycrest Peter Truffle 84
  • Pol Butte Light My Fire Bee 84
  • Skycrest Undenied No Brainer 83
  • Skycrest Doorman Lovehandles 83
  • Skycrest Solomon Liquid Lunch 83

2nd+ Lactations

  • Skycrest Double D Daiquiri 88 (Sire:Skycrest Doorman Double Down)
  • Skycrest Solomon Sparky 87
  • Skycrest Control Scrunchy 87
  • Skycrest Kingpin IQ 87
  • Skycrest Doorman Lou Lou Lemon 87
  • Skycrest Deman Niknak 87
  • Skycrest Merdian Nutshell 87
  • Skycrest Bradnick Dr. Pepper 87
  • Skycrest High O Nickers 87
  • Skycrest High O Nackers 86
  • Skycrest Doorman Squash 85

New Excellents

  • Skycrest Windbrook Sassypants 93
  • Skycrest Windbrook Nifty 92
  • Skycrest Daddy Long Legs 92 (Sire:SKYCREST GOLDWYN NIGHTMOVES)
  • Skycrest Scorpion Peekaboo 91
  • Skycrest McCutchen Dewdrop 91
  • Deerfield Magic Kalie 91
  • Morsan McCutchen Mudpie 90
  • Skycrest Goldchip Nut 90
  • Skycrest Double t T-Bone 90 (Sire:SKYCREST DEMPSEY DOUBLE TIME)

Multiple Excellent

  • Skycrest Sanchez Poodle 92 2E
  • Willswikk Reginald Sand 91 2E
  • Skycrest Chelios Sweet Revenge 90 2E
  • Skycrest Atwood Sparkle 93 2E
  • Skycrest Broke A Nail 90 3E
  • Skycrest Braxton Ketchup 90 3E

May 20, 2020: Skycrest is currently busy in the fields with #plant2020 and has updated their Facebook page with some really great photos of the work being completed around the farm.

April 15, 2020: Head on over to the Skycrest Facebook page to help them decide which Sire they should use for an upcoming flush on Skycrest King Royal Sangria VG-86 and the chance to win some Skycrest swag!

© Alberta Holstein Association

February 14, 2020: Congratulations to Skycrest Holsteins on being named the 2019 Alberta Breeder of the Year at yesterday’s Alberta Holstein AGM.

Farm Stats
Total RHA BCA: 66 cows: 836
Herd Class: 20 ME, 12 EX, 55 VG, 10 GP
10 Star Brood Cows
9 Superior Production Awards
3 Longtime Production Awards

January 29, 2019: Congratulations to Skycrest Holsteins on being named the 2019 Country Roads Holstein Club Breeder of the Year!

December 21, 2019: Skycrest has updated their Facebook page with available embryo information & barn candids of Skycrest Seaver Prairie Chick EX 92 2E!

December 4, 2019: At their recent Club awards banquet, Skycrest Holsteins received the distinction of  Most Improved BCA, Nominated for Breeder of the Year at club level and several forage awards. They have updated their Facebook page with photos from the awards banquet.

November 26, 2019: A 5th generation farm that strives on breeding the “Canadian Kind,” Skycrest Holsteins is ran by Rob, Sue, Chad and Katelyn Crest in Athabasca, Alberta, Canada. A farm that has continued to grow and prosper since they first bought their quota and grade Holsteins in 1975. In 1982, Skycrest Holsteins began registering under their prefix and in 2017 Rob & Sue bought out Rob’s parents to become the sole owners.

LtoR: Katelyn, Sue, Rob & Chad Crest

Entering their barn, you instantly can see the hard work and care that goes into the 66 tie stall facility. Their herd stats consist of 16 multiple Excellents, 16 Excellents, 50 Very Good and 9 Good Plus. Their current BCA is 263-299-265 305D 11,900M 497F & 381P.  The breeding program involves 80% of their heifers being implanted with embryos. Their herd also consists of 90 bred/young stock, 45 breeding bulls and 20 steers for butcher.

While there have been many notable cows come out of Skycrest, as of most recent, a favorite amongst many would be Skycrest Mincio Prickles who was recently classified EX-95. She recently sold in the 2019 Stars of Liddleholme Spring Opportunity Sale to Oakfield Corners, NY and has continued to thrive and bring more recognition to the Skycrest name.

Skycrest currently farms 2100 acres of canola, wheat, barley & oats. Along with 310 acres of alfalfa/grass. They have a remaining 180 acres used for pasture. With this, their cows are fed 2x a day on a PMR ration of home grown forages (50 hay silage/50 grain silage) and a grain ration. The grain is distributed 2x a day at milking time. The grain ration is made on farm with homegrown grains with a purchased supplement added in. Their feeding protocol also includes a dry hay or haylage that is fed twice daily.

When you enter the barn office at Skycrest, it becomes even more apparent of their success, with the wall decorated with ribbons and banners showcasing their achievements. Skycrest is currently ranked 5th for Classified Herd in Canada for groups 40-59. They were rightfully awarded the Alberta Breeder of the year in 2005 & 2013.  Actively involved in the show scene, they have been the recipients of many All-Western awards, as well had several All-Canadian, All-Canadian 4-H & All-American nominations which also captured some wins.  At the 2015 Royal, Rob received the notable Curtis Clark Award and two years later Chad entered the Royal ring to accept the Andrea Crowe Award.


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