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Sire facility dedicated to Alta founder, Doug Blair

In 1968, Doug Blair founded Western Breeders,  which later became known as Alta. He has remained a contributing force for the dairy industry and for Alta since then. For the past eleven years, Blair has served as the chairperson of Alta’s PD Board, and will be retiring from that position this year.

This year, the newly renamed Doug Blair Sire Production and Housing Center will produce 2 million straws of semen, and accommodate up to 220 bulls, of which 105 are housed in individual pens. This facility was built to maximize bull comfort, labor safety and labor efficiency.

The EU-qualified sire facility, located in Crossfield, Alberta, Canada was built to accommodate housing and production needs related to genomics, bio-security and the autonomous growth in Alta. Bulls moved into this facility after the building was completed in 2012, and collections began by June of that year.

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