Siemers Holsteins Reports Great Classification Day

Siemers Holsteins Reports Great Classification Day

Siemers Holsteins, Newton, WI reported of a great classification day recently, with four new EX94 cows and 31 new Excellents, 27 of which are homebred.  The herd total is now at 173 Excellents. There were also 51 new Very Good 2 Year Olds, 49 of which are homebred, bringing the herd total to 126 VG 2 Year Olds.  Highlights include:

Ryan-Vu Sid Molly EX-92 94-MS, Molly was the Unanimous All-American Jr. 2-Year-Old 2014

Siemers Atwood Monalisa EX-94 96-MS
Whitnell Duplex Layla-ET EX-93
Dymentholm Atic Showstar-ET VG-88
Siemers Brokaw Haya-Star-ET VG-87
Siemers McCutch Roz-ET VG-87 +2515G
Siemers Doorman Roz-ET VG-87 +2465G
Siemers Doorman Rozette-ET VG-85 +2304G
Siemers Galaxy Rozeta-ET VG-85 +2413G
Claytoncrest Merry Mae-ET VG-85 +2435G
Siemers Mogul Apple-Star-ET *RC EX-90 4T
Siemers Mcutch Roz-Queen-ET VG-86 +2475G 3.42T

There are now 831 Very Good cows in the herd, for a total of 1,004 Very Good and Excellents. There are 1,129 Good Plus cows in the herd, the majority of which are 2 Year Olds. The current herd RHA stands at RHA 2727 cows 38254 3.7 1411 3.0 1154.

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