Shining 2-year-olds at Headwater Farms

Shining 2-year-olds at Headwater Farms

The 2-year-olds at Headwaters Farm in Turin, NY shined through with their Very Good scores at their recent classification round!

Classification Highlights


  • Headwater DB Cheerio VG-85
  • Headwater A S Karnival VG-85
  • Headwater Solomon Bunnie VG-85
  • Headwater Solomon Fran VG-86
  • Headwater Solomon Suzabell VG-86
  • Headwater Solomon Kalemity VG-85
  • Headwater Crush Maybelline VG-86
  • Headwater Airlift L Bailey VG-87
  • Headwater Atwood Charlotte VG-87

New Excellents

  • Headwater Aftershock Poppy EX-90 (3rd calf)
  • Headwater Goldroy Tolly EX-90 (5th calf)

Raised Excellents

  • Headwater Fever Johanna EX-91
  • Headwater Brokaw Chris-TW EX-91
  • Roput Aftershock Nichole EX-91
  • Maplegrand Paxten Pagen EX-92
  • Headwater G Karry EX-92
  • Headwater Deluxe Dusk EX-93
  • Headwater Aftershock Jordache EX-93
  • Headwater Atwood Luna EX-93
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