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Shaping the Future of Dairy Through Resolutions

Lactanet is pleased to announce that voting results are now available on seven resolutions submitted from dairy producers across the country. The Resolution voting process took place from April 18th to 29th, 2022 and results were revealed on May 2, 2022. The Lactanet Resolutions process is open to all licensed Canadian dairy farmers. It provides an opportunity for producers to have a voice, cultivate ideas, nourish leaders, and harvest excellence, to shape the future of dairy.

“In its second year, Lactanet’s Resolutions program has received 35 resolutions to date in categories such as milk recording, genetics and other topics,” explains Neil Petreny, CEO, Lactanet Canada. “We are happy to have a platform that is easily accessible to all – to not only submit ideas, but to indicate support, satisfaction, dissatisfaction or concerns on Lactanet’s direction, policies, programs, products, or services.”

“Transparency, communication and connection within the dairy industry is at the top of the list with the Lactanet Board,” states Barbara Paquet, dairy farmer and Chair of Lactanet’s Board of Directors. “In the first round of the Resolutions intake in 2021, we were very engaged to represent fellow dairy producers, thoughtfully discuss each carried resolution, and put a plan of action forward to the Lactanet team.”

The Resolutions program and the website were launched in March 2021. The initiative is designed to encourage producers to share ideas, connect in the online chat forum and vote on non-binding resolutions. Carried resolutions rest with the Lactanet Board of Directors that consider the ‘next steps and action plan’ during the summer months.

Lactanet Canada and its Board of Directors would like to sincerely thank all dairy producers who voted, and results can be viewed online here. Perspective, opinions, and knowledge sharing stimulates best practices and collective evolution. The voice of Canadian dairy farmers is vital as a guiding light to ensure a progressive and thriving dairy industry.

Visit here to learn more and the see status of each Resolution.

About Lactanet Canada 
Lactanet is Canada’s leading dairy herd improvement organization responsible for milk recording, genetic evaluations, knowledge transfer and dairy cattle traceability. As a farmer-run organization serving 8,000+ Canadian dairy producers, Lactanet provides the dairy industry with products and services to help manage their dairy operation for maximum efficiency and profitability.

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