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Sexing Technologies takes legal action against ABS Global Inc

NAVASOTA, TEXAS — Inguran LLC (d/b/a Sexing Technologies), a leading provider of sex sorted semen products and services, has filed suit against bull stud giant ABS Global Inc. for fraud and breach of a long-term semen sorting services contract.

The lawsuit, filed in Houston federal court, claims ABS Global committed fraud by signing the five-year contract, and inducing Sexing Technologies to sign, with no intention of honoring the contract’s provisions.

ABS Global breached the agreement, signed in 2012, when the company sought to avoid meeting some of its contractual obligations, the lawsuit claims. Sexing Technologies is seeking unspecified monetary damages and a ruling by the court that the contract is valid and enforceable.

“We consider our customers to be our valued business partners in a relationship built on trust,” said Maurice Rosenstein, Sexing Technologies Co-CEO. “Based on that trust and on the certainty that long-term sorting contracts provide, we invest in sophisticated and expensive semen sorting labs on the customer’s premises to provide the high level of service demanded by the larger bull studs, such as ABS. This is a major commitment on our part and we take it very seriously.

”We honor our contracts with our customers, and we expect our customers to honor them as well,” Rosenstein said.

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