Semex’s Immunity+™ sires: the choice for herd health improvement

Semex’s Immunity+™ sires: the choice for herd health improvement

Semex’s Immunity+™ sires deliver a healthier herd through  lowered  mastitis, less lameness and less mortality. Exclusive to Semex, these sires offer the only genetic solution to herd health and are quickly becoming the choice for strategic herd health improvement  globally.

Semex“Long ago we recognized the need to help our clients breed a healthier herd,” says Paul Krueger, Semex Immunity+ Global Brand Manager. “Since December 2012 our Immunity+ lineup has offered the world’s only option to genetically improve herd health. Dairymen appreciate this and recognize the true value of a healthier herd.”

“Each proof round, our Immunity+ portfolio increases in quality, with the valuable Immunity+ brand found throughout both our proven and Genomax™ offering. Our Genomax Immunity+ lineup now has 16 sires over +2600 GTPI and 37 over +2500, offering the best genetic package possible in the world with Immunity+!”

In its elite Genomax™ lineup, Semex now has:

•      80 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2400 GTPI
•      37 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2500 GTPI
•      16 Genomax Immunity+ bulls over +2600 GTPI
•      23 Genomax Jersey Immunity+ bulls
•         8 Genomax Ayrshire Immunity+ bulls

Leading the Holstein group is 0200HO10693 Siemers Bloomfield (Delta x Numero Uno x Shottle), who is the #3 Delta available at +2808 GTPI with +8.2 PL, +4.1 DPR, 2.63 SCS, +103 PTAF with a +0.33% Fat and solid +2.29 PTAT and +2.93 UDC. Bloomfield is also a HealthSmart™ and RobotReady™ sire. His maternal line is popular worldwide, with his dam being a VG-85 Numero Uno from EX-94-2E 22* Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi back to Braedale Gypsy Grand herself.

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