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Semex Delivers Genetics for Life with December Proofs

Every day, and each proof round, Semex works to deliver our customers the very best newly released daughter proven sires and exciting young genomic sires available anywhere in the world. These sires are Genetics for Life, representing genetic solutions, longlasting partnerships, profitable herds and lifelong partnerships.  Following the December 2012 genetic evaluations, Semex is pleased to release the following sires as they are a direct result of what we’ve heard from you, our customers.

0200HO00546 DE-SU BOWMAN (Baxter x O Man)
Repromax™, HealthSmart™ and Calving Ease™ sire
Exceptional PTAM, PTAF, solid PTAT with 2.79 SCS and +2.3 PL
0200HO00554 RALMA FILMSTAR (Frosty x Shottle)
HealthSmart, Calving Ease and Robot Ready™ sire
+1629 PTAM, great NM$ and over +2.00 on both PTAT and FLC
0200HO02399 OCONNORS JAY (Bolton x Durham)
High GTPI with over 100 lbs combined Fat & Protein and exceptional +2.39 PTAT, +2.21
UDC and +2.05 FLC
0200HO05938 GEN-I-BEQ LAVAL (Baxter x Goldwyn)
Calving Ease sire
Easy calver with great combined PTAT, PTAM & GTPI
0200HO00555 RALMA-RH TRUMPET (Baxter x Goldwyn)
Semex’s highest PTAM Baxter son with 95 lbs combined fat and protein
Over 2.00 PTAT with great breakdowns

Genomax™: Genomax™ sires are the youngest and brightest sires available globally. Semex’s rigorous genomic young sire standards ensure that these bulls are the very best young bulls in the world, with only one in seven bulls entering the Semex stud reaching Genomax status. Evidence of this is their consistent, high rankings in multiple systems worldwide. Semex’s Genomax line-up is the envy of the industry and includes young bulls that are quickly becoming household names including: 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno and 0200JE00362 Gabys Arrow. New to this line-up in December are (complete listing at

0200HO03823 GILLETTE JESSIC (Windbrook x Goldwyn)
0200HO06480 VAL-BISSON DOORMAN (Bookem x Shottle)
0200HO06366 GEN-I-BEQ P DELL (Brawler x Goldwyn)
0200HO06480 VAL-BISSON DOORMAN (Bookem x Shottle)
0200HO03809 VELTHUIS LET IT SNOW (Snowman x Planet)
0200HO09904 HOLBRIC-ML LIMOCAR (Man-O-Man x Shottle)
0200HO06450 LUCK-E ADONIS-RED (Larson *RC x Advent-Red)
0200JE00205 ALL LYNNS VAPOUR-P (Eclipes-P x Paramount)
0200JE00207 ALL LYNNS VINNIE ET (Region x Paramount)
0200JE09833 BLUE MIST MORALE (Vance x Jimmie)
0200JE00507 TOWER VUE KOOP (Tequila x Connection)
0200JE00521 WILSONVIEW SOPRANO (Zuma x Dale)

For more information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Repromax, HealthSmart or Genomax sires visit

For additional information please contact:  Brenda Lee-Turner, Semex Marketing Communications Specialist ph: 608-770-0200 • fax: 608-223-9492 • [email protected] •

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