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Semex ai24: Five Years of Leading The Way

Five years ago, Semex launched Semex ai24™ in the United States, and it quickly became synonymous with leading reproductive and herd monitoring solutions.

Working closely with their clients, Semex was quickly realizing that as producers’ herds were growing, their need to have another set of eyes seeing on the farm was also growing. Looking for a solution, Semex chose to offer clients both reliability and peace of mind with the Semex ai24 system. As the first genetic supplier to fill this need, Semex initiated conversations with dairymen about saving both time and money. Five years later, the same profit-minded discussions are still happening coast to coast.

What has changed and evolved in five years, however, is the actual technology behind the Semex ai24 heat detection and herd monitoring program. Semex has been excited to be part of the many breakthroughs that made this product one of the industry’s most exciting technologies.

First, with their partner SCR, Semex offered an extremely accurate heat detection option that had already been proven worldwide, the SCR H-Tag™. Shortly thereafter in 2011, the system was awarded the Dairy Herd Management Top 10 Innovative Product Award for the next generation of the H-Tag that included rumination monitoring, with the SCR HR-Tag™. This tag was so popular it also received a Top 10 New Product of the Year Award at World Ag Expo in 2012. And, most recently customers saw the next generation of technology released with the SCR H-LD™ and HR-LD™ tags, offering long-range, wireless connectivity. Once again, this product was recognized as a leader in its field, being named a 2013 Dairy Herd Management Top 10 Innovative Product.

“Our clients have been pleased with sooner than expected return on investment while enjoying Semex’s excellent customer service and knowledge,” says Chris Sheahan Semex ai24 Program Manager. “By working with Semex, our clients are ensured a partner that will not only walk them through these technologies, but we’ll help guide them to higher performance levels. Like our tagline says, ‘We can’t put more time in your day, but we can put more time on your side!’”

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