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Semex 2012 Top Sellers in Demand Worldwide

In 2012 Semex sold over one million more doses than it did in 2011. The list
of top selling sires is not surprising, offering dairymen in over 70 countries the diversity, profitability, longevity and the genetic solutions they expect from Semex as their partner. These sires are Genetics for Life.

Semex’s 2012 Top Proven Sires:
• 0200HO05592 Crackholm Fever: a Repromax™, HealthSmart™, Robot Ready™ and Show Time™ sire
• 0200HO05929 Gen-I-Beq Brawler: a HealthSmart and Robot Ready sire and August 2012 Genomax™ graduate
• 0200HO03501 Gillette Windbrook: a Show Time sire
• 0200HO03603 Gillette Stanleycup
• 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold: a Repromax, HealthSmart, Calving Ease™ and Master Series™ sire Semex’s 2012 Top Genomax™ Sires:
• 0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno: a Repromax, HealthSmart and Genomax sire
• 0200HO05929 Gen-I-Beq Brawler: a HealthSmart, Robot Ready sire and August 2012

Genomax graduate
• 0200HO02770 Sully Hart Meridian: a HealthSmart and Genomax sire
• 0200HO03648 Domicole Chelios: a Repromax, Calving Ease and December 2012
Genomax graduate
• 0200HO02600 O-Bee Krusader: a HealthSmart, Calving Ease and Genomax sire
“The Semex line-up has never been more diverse or stronger,” says Brad Sayles, Semex Vice President Global Marketing. “And, Brawler is an excellent example of our program and of Genetics for Life. He was an extremely popular Genomax sire that graduated in August and only gained momentum, siring long-lasting, profitable cows and he represents the lifelong partnerships that Semex is built on.”

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