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Selling the Show String Closes

Selling the Show String Online Auction hosted by Holstein Plaza closed today averaging $13,500 on 12 lots and selling to six states and two different provinces.

Topping the sale at $33,000 was Lot 4- Springbend Windhammer Slash a four-year-old and the Reserve Grand Champion of the Minnesota State Holstein Show 2017.

Slash sold to Springbend Farms Ltd, British Columbia. At $30,000 and the second high seller was Corlane Seaver Misty. Misty is a Senior Two-Year-Old and sold to the Misty Syndicate. Rounding off the top three sellers was Sunnyside Candy Heztry-Red, the EX-90 Senior Two-Year-Old and All-American Milking Fall Yearling from 2016.Candy sold for $26,000 to the Candy Syndicate.

Thank you to all the bidders and buyers!

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