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Select Sires graduates diverse class of Holstein and Jersey sires

An exciting class of graduates joined the daughter proven Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics and GenerVations genetic lineups. From Polled genetics to health trait superstars, exceptional linear charts and deep pedigrees, these newly proven sires boast the necessary traits to improve the next generation and add dollars to the dairy’s bottom line.

Holstein Highlights

  • 7HO14837 MEGABUCKS is a balanced performance sire with no 7HO12788 FRAZZLED in his pedigree. As a FeedPRO® sire, he transmits efficiency while adding strength, depth and width to the cowherd. He also ranks high for wellness at +826 Herd Health Profit Dollars (HHP$), carries the Mastitis ResistancePRO® designation and offers +103 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP).
  • 7HO14608 ALUM will boost fertility with positive evaluations for sire and daughter fertility traits (+0.7 Daughter Pregnancy Rate, +0.8 Sire Conception Rate). His outstanding linear profile indicates that he will breed strength and width in the next generation.
  • 14HO14794 EVERSON is a production leader (+1,437 Milk, +122 CFP) with a powerful health trait spread. He is +214 for Wellness Trait Index® (WT$®) and +860 HHP$ while qualifying for the Mastitis ResistancePRO designation.
  • 250HO14717 PENSIVE-P is an exciting Polled and Red carrier graduate with a unique pedigree. He is an Answer Po x Chevalier x Jacey and works as an ideal mating on 7HO14160 LUSTER-P and 14HO15289 BEDROCK-PP daughters. He’s also a component improver with nearly double digits for both percent protein (+0.09%) and fat (+0.12%).

Jersey Highlights

  • 7JE1787 CALIBAN is a big-time fertility sire. He carries the FertilityPRO® designation and transmits +1.5 DPR and +1.8 SCR. This Viceroy son sires great fore udders, high rear udders and shallow udder depth with an +8.2 Jersey Udder Index (JUI).
  • 7JE1769 JX ARCHIE {5} hails from six Excellent dams. His daughters are strong with wide rumps, smooth-blending fore udders and shallow udder depths.
  • Both Jersey graduates are available with gender SELECTED™ semen and are A2A2 Beta Casein and BB Kappa Casein.

For more information about individual sires, please visit and use the new Advanced Sire Search to locate and sort sires that match your genetic goals. To access sires from the palm of your hand, download Select Sires Mobile from your app store today!

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