Scandinavian dairy company Arla introduces food labelling system

Scandinavian dairy company Arla introduces new food labelling system

Scandinavian dairy company Arla is introducing a new food labelling system on a range of products like milk, yoghurt and cream in a bid to reduce food waste, Swedish Television reported on Saturday.
Many dairy products last longer than the printed best-by date and therefore Arla is introducing a labelling system that will remind consumers that products can last longer.

Around 340 million products will have the new label that says the product is “often good after” a certain date.

“This is a way of helping people understand that they can determine themselves whether food is edible or not by smelling, tasting and looking at it,” said Ann Freudenthal, who is responsible for sustainability communications at Arla.

Freudenthal added: “The aim is to get people to give this some thought. This is a good measure by which to positively affect the climate and reduce food waste.”

The packages will also contain tips for how to smell, taste and look at the product in order to determine if it is fine to eat or drink, even if the printed best-by date has passed. A rule of thumb is that the colder temperatures the food has been stored in, the longer it lasts.

Arla is one of the world’s largest dairy companies and the largest in Scandinavia. Its products are sold in over 100 countries and it employs some 18,000 employees worldwide.


Source: Xinhuanet

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