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R&R Dairy/Pacific Edge Highlight Their Recent Classification Round

R&R Dairy/Pacific Edge is excited to share these new appraisal highlights. They are especially excited by the accomplishments of this group of newly scored young cows. Their classification round saw lots of new Excellent cows and added points this round!

Classification Highlights

  • Pacific Edge Premier Kahlua VG89 MAX
  • Pacific Edge Premier Kandi VG88
  • Pacific Edge Magic Genie Darien VG88
  • Pacific Edge Mardi Gras VG88
  • Crest Brooke Velocity Pricetag VG88
  • Stoney Point Andreas Bianca VG86
  • Pacific Edge Surreal Jemini VG89
  • Budjon Vail Up to Shenanigans EX90- Jordan
  • Pacific Edge Colton Zesty EX90
  • Pacific Edge Baxter Billie EX90
  • Pacific Edge Premier Apricot EX90
  • Avonlea Colton Vanna EX90- Dores
  • Stoney Point Andreas Becca EX91
  • Green Diamond Comerica Valorie EX91
  • Elliot’s Vitality Cisco EX91- Jordan
  • Pacific Edge MG Wish Granted EX91 MAX
  • Stoney Point Gunman Maddie EX92- Rocha & Podschadly
  • RJF Gentry Shot EX90 – Pitstick
  • Rich Valley Gentry Mitzi EX92
  • Ratliff Colton Darien EX93 MAX
  • Pacific Edge Matrix Zorra EX94
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