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Robert H. Rumler MBA Scholarship Awarded to Jacob Achen

Holstein Association USA recently recognized Jacob Achen with the 2022 Robert H. Rumler MBA Scholarship. He is currently a partner in Silverstreak Dairies, LLC in St. Cloud, Minnesota and a manager at Benton Group Dairy LLC at Warren Dairy in Williamsport, Indiana. Jacob and his wife Jane Esch live in Rice, Minnesota.

Jacob Achen, pictured with his wife Jayne Esch, is the recipient of the 2022 Robert H. Rumler MBA Scholarship. Photo provided.

Jacob graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a bachelor’s degree in animal science in 2013. While in college he took on leadership roles in organizations such as the Gopher Dairy Club and was active in dairy-focus activities including the dairy judging and dairy challenge teams.

Now, Jacob is pursuing an MBA from Indiana University and MS of Economics from Purdue University. “As the world continues to change and dairy farms are becoming fewer, it is going to take someone with good business sense to manage and operate a dairy for the future,” he says.

Jacob is also currently involved in two different dairy farms and applies the concepts he is learning in his classes directly to the operations. For example, he is focusing on team building and employee engagement, and has taken on the role of lead recruiter for the dairies he works with.

“I chose to pursue an MBA because I feel it is the best way I can help my dairies’ business, employee well-being, and the future vitality,” Jacob says. “I want to continue to learn and apply my knowledge of farm financials to my studies to better learn how I can help and grow each business.”

About the Award
The $3,000 scholarship was established in 1984 by Holstein Association USA, Inc. to encourage deserving and qualified individuals with a bachelor’s degree in dairy production to obtain a master’s degree in business administration.

The scholarship program honors former Executive Secretary Robert H. Rumler. He led the Association for 25 years and believed U.S. agribusiness needs and deserves the best trained, most highly qualified leaders the nation’s educational system and practical experiences can provide. For more information about the Robert H. Rumler MBA Scholarship, visit Holstein USA and click on Awards.

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