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RJF Tequila Jingle Scores EX-95 at Recent Classification Round

RJ Farms is excited to announce that RJF Tequila Jingle is now EX 95 2E with a 96 point mammary system. Also highlighting, RJF Engineer Charmer who obtained a max score of VG 89 in her second lactation. Both of these cows are due back for this fall.

Classification Highlights

1st lactation
RJF Colton Blade VG 87 (88 pt MS)
RJF Premier Glow VG 87 (88 pt MS)
RJF Oliver Jewels-P VG 87 (88 pt MS)
RJF Victorious Megavolt VG 86 (87 pt MS)
RJF Ladd Miracle VG 86 (87 pt MS)
RJF Dominate Chaotic VG 86
RJF Premier Cinderella GP 84
RJF Viral Invisible GP 83

2nd Lactation
RJF Premier Insane VG 87
RJF Joel Remedy VG 87
RJF Premier Jellybean VG 87
3rd Lacation (New Excellents)
RJF Bruce Silk EX 93 (94 pt MS)
RJF Gentry Megabucks EX 92
RJF Irwin Miley EX 91
RJF Chrome Jazz EX 90

Excellent Cows earning more points
RJF Topeka Incentive EX 92 2E
RJF Iatola Glitz ET EX 93 4E

Multiple EX
RJF Gameday Recharge EX 91 2E
RJF Chrome Magician EX 90 2E
RJF Becky’s Gold EX 90 4E
RJF Gator Brilliantly EX 93 4E
RJF Belle’s Victory ET EX 91 5E

1st lactation Holsteins
RJF Kingboy Sapphire VG 85
RJF Kingboy Nudge VG 85
RJF Cinderdoor Majestic GP 83

2nd and 3rd lacation Holsteins
RJF Control Sugar VG 85 (89 pt MS)
RJF High Octane Sizzle VG 88 (90 pt MS)

Multiple EX Holsteins
RJF Aftershock Abracadabra EX 90 2E
RJF Lauthority LuLu EX 90 3E

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