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RJF Gameday Suprise Scores EX-95

Keeping up with family tradition, RJF Gameday Suprise, the granddaughter of 2013 Canadian Cow of the Year, RJF Remake Becky, has scored 95 points while showcasing off a 96 point Mammary System and Dairy Strength! An incredible classification round and congratulations to RJ Farms!

Classification Highlights

1st Lactation
RJF Andreas Posh VG 87
RJF Oliver Victoria VG 87
RJF Barcelona Sensational VG 86
RJF Hellcat Insult VG 85
RJF Premier Bubbles VG 85
RJF VIP Rosie VG 85
RJF VIP Peaches VG 85
RJF Topeka Mistress GP 84
RJF VIP Investment GP 83

2nd Lactation
RJF Colton Jello VG 89 – Max score with 90pt MS (daughter of RJF Tequila Jingle EX 95)
RJF VIP Star VG 89 – Max score with 91pt MS
RJF Barnabas Battalion VG 88
RJF Colton Cheer VG 88
RJF Premier Glory VG 88
RJF Viral Licorice VG 88
RJF Victorious Chardonney VG 88
RJF Barnabas Raven VG 88
RJF Premier Charm VG 88
RJF Barnabas Rally VG 87
RJF Colton Miracle VG 87
RJF Barcelona Rampage VG 87
RJF Viral Ricochet VG 87

3rd Lactation – New Excellents
RJF Rockstar’s Princess ET EX 92 with 93pt MS
RJF Chrome Gesture EX 91
RJF Tequila Bender EX 91
RJF Engineer Maple EX 90
RJF Victorious Impulse EX 90

4+ Lactations
RJF Valentino Gypsy ET EX 91 2E
RJF Firepower Legend EX 90 2E
RJF Iatola Gizmo EX 90 2E
RJF Premier Impression EX 91 3E
RJF Premier Chance EX 94 3E
RJF Premier Champagne EX 95 3E
RJF Gator Jasmine EX 92 4E
RJF Iatola Magic EX 94 5E
RJF Legacy Blitzen SUP EX 92 6E
RJF Iatola Blissfully ET SUP EX 90 5E
Lookout Iatola Paris ET SUP EX 93 7E

RJF Applecrisp Rebellion GP 84 – 1st lactation
RJF King Doc Novelty VG 87 – 2nd lactation
RJF High Octane Sizzle EX 90 – 3rd lactation
RJF Chelios Attitude EX 90 – 3rd lactation
RJF Bradnick Martini EX 90 – 3rd lactation

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