Registration second Masters Open Young Breeders Competition Open

Registration for the second Masters Open Young Breeders Competition Now Open

The MASTERS Open is a European competition for young breeders. Each country in Europe has the opportunity to register to compete and Holstein UK would like to take two competitors, one junior and one senior, for the 2020 event. The Junior category is for competitors aged 16-20 and competitors in the Senior category must be aged 21-25.

The arrival of the competitors in Verden, the heart of German livestock breeding, is scheduled for Monday, February 24th 2020. The Event will start at 2pm with the official reception at Osterkrug 20, 27283 Verden. Here the competitors will draw the heifer that they will present at the competition and get a brief introduction about MASTERRIND GmbH.

For the next part of the programme, competitors will be taken to the showground which is where the cattle are housed. Accommodation facilities for competitors are within immediate proximity to the showgrounds. Monday night will be a free night without any planned activities.

On Tuesday, the focus will be on the fitting competition and every competitor will have to clip and groom their animal under close supervision of the jury. In the afternoon there will be a judging competition with subsequent feedback of the jury.

On Wednesday, the showmanship class will take place in the early afternoon in the show ring, followed by the award ceremony.

Starting at 3pm, the sale animals of the MASTERRIND EXCLUSIVE AUCTION will be ready for viewing. At 7pm the auction will get started and after the auction follows the Dairy Breeder’s Party!

Things will continue to be exciting in the “Niedersachsenhalle“ on Thursday morning at 9:30am. A total of 200 Holstein Cattle will then be entering the show ring at the 47th “Schau der Besten”! At this top-level event, only the very best cows will be competing for the title “Miss Schau der Besten 2020”

The event will end around 4pm.

If you would like to be considered for the Holstein Young Breeders Team, please complete the form below as an expression of your interest. The forms will be reviewed by a panel of Judges and the team will be announced by mid-January.

Please note, the closing date is 3rd January 2020. For more information and to apply visit their website. 

If you have any questions, please contact Cerys Petrie on 01923 695318 or email [email protected]

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