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Red & White Dairy Cattle Quadruple in Ten Years

The Red & White dairy breed sector continues on a rapid growth curve according to statistics provided by the National Association of Animal Breeders.  Over the past ten years Red & White has quadrupled in semen sales.  2012 U.S. Red & White / Red Carrier semen sales worldwide set a new record of 793,244 units, whereas 2002 sales were 326,333 total units.

Burket Falls Polled-Red

The superior influence of U.S. daughter proven sires and genomic tested young sires has contributed to the increase in sales of Red & White semen around the world.  Several other factors have added to this rapid growth of interest.  There have been numerous high classifying cows in the red population that have also excelled in production.  The first and only Red & White cow was designated Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo in 2005, Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red (EX-96-2E).  A world record of One Million Dollars was paid via public auction for a dairy cow in 2008, RHW Regiment Apple-Red (EX-95).  Dairy farmers who milk Red & White cows often praise their heat tolerance.  And, the impact of naturally hornless or the polled influence in this population has contributed to the growing demand for U.S. Red genetics.

Special note, interest in foreign countries for U.S. Red genetics has resulted in a much higher tally than domestic sales.  Total Red & White / Red Carrier semen sales continue in a commanding No. 3 position as a dairy breed sector, behind Holstein and Jersey.  To learn more about the breed attributes and the growing demand for Red & Whites, contact: Red & White Dairy Cattle Association, 308B Ogden Avenue, Clinton, WI 53525 USA / Phone: 608.676.4900 or Email: [email protected]

U.S. Red & White / RC Semen Sales

                   – 2002 –        |        – 2012 –

Segment       Domestic  Export   |    Domestic  Export


Red & White   137,886     96,310  |    274,477   321,723


Red Carrier   68,858     23,279  |    86,097   110,947


Totals        206,744   119,589  |    360,574   432,670

====================               ====================

Grand Totals:      326,333       |         793,244



Ten Year Comparison

Domestic =               +74% Increase / 2012 from 2002

Export =              +2,617% Increase / 2012 from 2002

Total Red / RC Sales = +1,431% Increase / 2012 from 2002

Data supplied by: National Association of Animal Breeders

Updated: April 7, 2013     Prepared By: Fred Hendricks

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