Record-Breaking Year at Jersey Canada… Again! – Cowsmo

Record-Breaking Year at Jersey Canada… Again!

It is official:  the Canadian Jersey’s efficiency, profitability, and opportunities are driving the breed’s popularity higher and higher!

The actual count for registrations processed in 2013 came in at a very impressive 9257!  This is a 3% increase over 2012, when a 45-year record was broken.  Canadian Jersey owners continue to take advantage of the convenience of filing their registrations electronically.  In 2013, 72% of all registrations were filed through milk recording agencies, or using Jersey Canada’s online registry system.

2013 was a strong year for transfers as well, with 2252 transfers processed.  And, to further confirm the Canadian Jersey’s growing popularity, a total of 78 new prefixes were registered in 2013 as well!

What an exciting way to kick off 2014!

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