Recent Results from Summer Shows in Quebec

Recent Results from Summer Shows in Quebec

The summer show season in Quebec has been very busy as of late. Here are some results for 4 of the most recent events!

Expo B.B.Q Bellechasse – July 4
Intermediate & Grand Champion: Cobequid Goldchip Alessandra (Gold Chip), 1st Senior 2 Year Old, Ferme Boulet, Ferme KMC, JM Valley Holstein & Pat Conroy, QC

Junior Champion: Clemar Control Lustre (Control), 1st Junior Yearling, Ferme Clemar SENC, QC

Premier Breeder: Ferme Pierre Boulet, QC
Premier Exhibitor: Ferme Boulet, QC

Expo Trois-Rivières – July 8
Grand Champion: Loyalyn Duplex Vanessa (Duplex), 1st 5 Year Old, Ferme Ralston SENC, QC

Intermediate Champion: Petitclerc Lotus Spyro (Lotus), 1st Junior 2 Year Old, Ferme JP Petitclerc et fils, QC

Junior Champion – Monyka Doorman Tyrap (Doorman), 1st Senior Yearling, Ferme Monyka, QC

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor – Ferme JP Petitclerc et fils, QC

Le Junior 3R – July 9
(40 Junior Participants)

Clipping Winners:
16 years and under – Kolton Crack
17 years and older – Laurie Bourque

Judging Winners:
16 years and under – Justin Caron
17-21 years – Nicolas Lacerte
22-25 years – Frédéric Fortier

Champion: Stacey Bourque
Reserve: Emile Rousseau
HM: Kolton Crack

Holstein Champion: Jacobs Solomon Botox (Solomon), Justin Caron
Ayrshire Champion: Margot Everly (Reagan), Frederick Grandjean
Jersey Champion: Classy Skyclass Destiny (Skyclass), Justin Bourque

Best Overall
9 years & younger – Nellie Jacobs
10-12 years: Charlie Hétu
13-16 years: Kolton Crack
17-21: Laurie Bourque
22-25: Sarah Lacerte

Expo Victoriaville – July 13

Grand Champion – Comestar Lamadona Doorman (Doorman), 1st 5 Year Old, Comestar Holstein, QC

Intermediate Champion – Comestar Calou Doorman (Doorman), 1st Junior 3 Year Old, Comestar Holstein, QC

Junior Champion – Garay Doorman Blind Date (Doorman), 1st Senior Calf, Ferme Fortale, JP Proulx & JM Valley Holstein, QC

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor – Comestar Holstein, QC

For full results of these events visit the Holstein Quebec Facebook page

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