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‘Raylore Lickity Split’ from Favorites of Fairmont Scores EX-94

Favorites of Fairmont in Vermont had an outstanding classification round with 4 new Excellents and 17 Very Good 2-year-olds!

Raylore Lickity Split EX-94

Classification Highlights

  • Raylore Lickity Split EX-94
    5th calf 6-year-old for ’22; due back in March. Sold as Lot 1 through the Raylore Sale. ‘Split’ will be IVF’ed later this month.
  • Fairmont-RE Freida VG-88 2yr
    Jordy x 95 Pitbull Lair
    1st Junior 2-year-old, Intermediate & HM Grand Champion at the Northeast All Breeds R&W Show and HM Intermediate Champion at the ’22 New England Summer R&W Show! ‘Freida’ will be IVF’ed later this month.
  • Fairmont Unix Angel EX-90
    Unix x 89 Doorman x 93 Goldwyn x 91 Gibson x Atlee
    Junior 3-year-old, fresh 3 weeks that brings a lot of excitement to the farm!
  • Garay Jordy Black Kiss VG-88
    Fresh just a month, she is a Jordy sister to Awesome Beauty! Embryo making machine with beautiful calves on the ground by Altitude and Warrior.
  • Fairmont Redhot 6633 EX-90
    Senior 3-year-old for this year


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