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Rapid Bay’s “hello gorgeous” Sale Catalog is now Online

The sale catalog is now online for the Rapid Bay’s “hello gorgeous” Sale 2021 through Unique Designs & Marketing Online Sales!

Visit the Unique Designs & Marketing Online Sales Breeder Tour for a list of all the exciting upcoming sales!

About Unique Designs & Marketing Online Sales

Unique Designs & Marketing Online Sales is owned and operated by Kimberly Rae of Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada. Whether you are a bidder or a seller, you can count on the Unique Designs Online sale platform to be user friendly, informative and run with integrity! When you use Uniq

Email: krae.unique@gmaue Designs & Marketing for your sale you can expect to receive more then just use of a sales platform. We offer a variety of essential services needed to run an online sale, including marketing (ads, videos and lot photos), social media management, sale catalogue and invoicing. We can be as involved as you want for your sale!

We love that we can provide an easy, user friendly way for people that are passionate about cattle to purchase their new genetics. Along with my dedicated team, customer service is our top priority, so If you ever have questions about bidding or selling, we are here to help!

Contact Us:
Phone: (519) 321-1211
Email: [email protected]

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