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Quebec 4-H’s Provincial Rally to be Held in Richmond


MONTREAL, QC, June 16, 2015 – Going back to where the event first started, 4-H’ers from all over the province will reconvene for the 40th edition Provincial Rally in Richmond, Quebec. From July 16th through the 19th, the fairgrounds will play host and curator to the memories of past and present 4-H’ers of this yearly event.

Known in 1976 as the Quebec Young Farmers, the “First Calf Rally”, as it was originally called, was a way to unite all clubs from all over the Province to one place to showcase their skills, create new bonds, and of course engage in friendly competition. Over the decades, the event has grown to include several other types of livestock, life skills, public speaking competitions, and more. This year, the Richmond 4-H club members democratically chose the theme of the Rally: tractors. A big thank you is to CASA and the FCC Ag Safety Fund for incorporating tractor safety clinics into the event. Ten members from Saskatchewan will also participate as part of their exchange with the Richmond 4-H Club through Youth Exchanges Canada. In total, 120 member participants, along with another 200 volunteers, judges, and spectators are expected to attend throughout the weekend.

Quebec 4-H is a grassroots organization aimed at promoting leadership development among Anglophone rural youth in Quebec. Quebec 4-H has a membership of almost 500 people from ages 6 to 25. This year, 4-H Canada went through a re-branding to proper 4-H and its members into the future. While still keeping its tradition and strong ties to its roots, Quebec 4-H will continue to provide solid leadership opportunities to Quebec youths to better prepare them for the future ahead.

Through the motto, “Learn to Do by Doing”, 4-H encourages youth to have a sense of purpose and passion that gives them the confidence to engage with the world around them. Though the most popular projects include dairy and square dancing, there is a wide variety of other projects and as well as an emphasis on building leadership qualities through activities involving community service and public speaking.

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