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Quality Results at Quality Holsteins

A revisit at Quality Holsteins left them pretty excited to see some of these girls take the ring at the upcoming Ontario Summer Show!

Quality Tatoo Flicky VG-87-MAX © Quality Holsteins

Classification Highlights
1st Lactation

  • Quality Denver Faye GP-84-2YR
  • Quality Solomon Viola VG-85-2YR
  • Quality Tatoo Martha VG-85-2YR
  • Quality Dempsey Maria VG-85-2YR
  • Quality Jacoby Lakey VG-86-2YR
  • Quality Tatoo Rufis VG-86-2YR
  • Edgelea HG Shania VG-86-2YR
  • Quality Dempsey Felice VG-87-MAX
  • Quality Tatoo Flicky VG-87-MAX
  • Vandoskes Denver Cami VG-87-MAX

2nd Lactation

  • Quality Goldwyn Rebekah VG-85-3YR
  • Quality Unix Loveable VG-87-3YR
  • Quality Solomon Frotastic VG-88-3YR
  • Quality Callen Flansey VG-88-3YR
  • Lizettes Crush It Loona VG-88-3YR
  • Quality Solomon Penelope VG-89-MAX

3rd Lactation +

  • Quality Atwood Princess EX-90
  • Marfloacres Doorman Ashlyn EX-90
  • Quality Formost Missfit EX-91
  • Homeridge H Gun Buttons EX-93
  • Quality Goldchip Silky EX-92-2E
  • Quality Doorman Flika EX-92-2E
  • Arshla Goldchip Taffy EX-93-2E
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