Quality Holsteins Breeder Tour Update

Quality Holsteins is the #1 Classified herd in the Country

Quality Holstein is proud to announce that they are the #1 Classified herd in the country! They have recently updated their Facebook page!

Past Updates

April 3, 2019: Big day at Quality Holsteins! Hicklee Brokaw Gypsy has been classified EX-95! They have updated their Facebook page with some highlights from their really great classification round!

July 9, 2018: Quality Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with their recent classification results!

A successful day was had at Quality Holsteins after the classifiers visited the farm last week. An amazing day for Bosdale Gold Luster daughters, with 2 VG-88 1st calvers by Solomon, 3 VG-87 1st calvers by Beemer, & 1 VG-86, by Solomon.

Classification Highlights

  • 16 VG 1st calvers
  • 4 VG-88
  • 5 VG-87
  • 3 VG-86
  • 4 VG-85
  • 2 VG-89 2nd calf Atwood maternal sisters to Valleyville Rae Lynn
  • 2 VG-88 2nd calvers
  • 3 New EX
  • 7 Multiple EX
Quality Aftershock Fable VG-88 1st calf




Quality Solomon Lovely, VG-88 1st Calf
Owned with Agriber, Beckridge & Dupasquier












Quality Holsteins
Quality Doorman Lucy is just one of the stylish heifers available during the Tag Sale! She is from Idee Sid Lusita (EX-94) from the great Lydia family!

Full List of Heifers Available:

Senior Calf
Quality Avalanche Gem 12740661

Junior Yearlings
Quality Atwood Lexus 12570652
Quality Atwood Ruby 12570655
Quality Gold Megabyte 12570650
Quality Defiant Fleer 12570657
Quality Kingboy Princess 12570659
Quality Defiant Tilly 12570656

Summer Yearlings
Quality Beemer Flower 12740644
Quality Beemer Faith 12740642
Quality Fitz Maybell 12740652
Quality Sid Lucky 12740636
Quality Doorman Lucy 12740645
Quality Atwood Rebeca 12740646
Quality Atwood Tracy 12740649

PM, text or call at 416-725-8733 for pricing

March 8, 2018-Quality Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with photos and their full list of heifers that will be selling at their Farm Tag Sale that is taking place Friday, March 9th & Saturday, March 10th.

February 24, 2018– Quality Holsteins, Vaughn, ON, recently had a small classification with exciting results. There were 2 new Excellents, 3 2E, & 1 3E. Other highlights include 3 VG-87-2yr olds, 1 VG-88-2nd calf and 2 new 94 point cows. Quality Goldwyn Fierce EX-94, is a 4th calf Goldwyn from Gibson Finsco EX-95 and Frantisco EX-96. Quality Atwood Missy is now EX-94, with a 96 Mammary. Missy is out of Valleyville Rae Lynn EX-95.

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