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Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin Workshop

The Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin has put together a workshop that addresses the most significant weeks in a cow’s milk production cycle – those leading up to and following the birth of a calf. The “Fine Tuning the Transition Cow” workshop is April 9, 2013, at La Sure’s Hall in Oshkosh, Wis.

PDPW has tapped four of today’s top-notch dairy scientists from industry and academia to lead five presentations:

  • “Transition Cow Grouping Strategy Effects on Cow Health” will be led by Dr. Ricardo Chebel, DVM, University of Minnesota.
  • “CSI: Cow Signs Investigation” will be taught by Tom Lorenzen, who will provide an in-depth look at dry-cow management using freshening stalls, bedding packs and tie stalls.
  • “Feeding Strategies for the Transition Cow” will be presented by Dr. Elliot Block.
  • “On-Farm Ketosis Monitoring” will be led by Dr. Gary Oetzel, DVM, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • “Hypocalcemia Update for Dairy Farms” will also be given by Dr. Gary Oetzel, who will explore stages of hypocalcemia and outline steps that can be taken to avoid its negative impacts on transition cows.

Click here for a brochure with more details, or check here to register. Call 800-947-7379 for more information.

Source: Dairy Herd Network

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