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Preparing for September 1st DairyTrace proAction® Report

DairyTrace, a national dairy cattle traceability program administered by Lactanet Canada, provides protection, prosperity and peace of mind to the Canadian dairy industry and its customers.

Everyone who has dairy cattle under their care and control must record and report animal identity, movement, location, and custodianship information to DairyTrace. This requires an active DairyTrace account.

Get Ready for September 1st

What to expect and how to be prepared.

Traceability is one of six proAction® modules. Beginning September 1st, producers will be asked to provide a DairyTrace proAction® Report to validators to prove their conformance at time of validation.

Read More About Our Regulatory Partners here. 

Activate Your Account On-Line

Convenient, easy and free to set-up.

To make things even better, DairyTrace has recently launched an easy way to activate your account on-line. If you haven’t yet activated your account, follow three simple steps below.

Step 1: Go to Dairy Trace Online

Step 2: Click on the map on the left if you reside outside the province of Quebec.

Step 3: On the portal page, click on ‘Sign up on-line now’ and follow the prompts.

Activating your DairyTrace account is the first step to protect your dairy license and milk pick-up against proAction penalties, corrective action and suspension.

Tools and Resources to Help

Explore the DairyTrace Library has a library of resources to answer your questions and assist with the program. Below are the top six ‘go-to’ hot topics curated just for you.

1. Activating Your DairyTrace Account 

2. Welcome to DairyTrace & Get Started Video 

3. Using the DairyTrace Mobile App Video

4. NLID Tag Order Form 

5. DairyTrace FAQ 

6. Portal Quick Tips 

The DairyTrace on-line Welcome Kit is also a very handy guide. If you prefer a paper copy, contact us.

1. DairyTrace Program Guide 

2. DairyTrace Poster

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