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Pipefeeder Cuts Concentrate Costs In The Parlour

A money saving innovation for dairy farmers on show during Balmoral 2013 is the PipeFeeder exhibited by Dutch company Hanskamp AgroTech at stand 28 in the Agri Pavilion.  

This concentrate dosing system with a revolutionary design guarantees a quieter, quicker milking and cuts feed costs!

Feeding concentrates during milking makes sense as cows are keen to come into the parlour and quickly let down their milk.

Pipeline Concentrate1
However, feeding cows at milking time traditionally had a downside as often too much costly concentrate was dispensed. A problem solved by Hanskamp AgroTech as the PipeFeeder supplies each cow with very small portions of pellets throughout milking with an accuracy of up to 25 grams. Thus cows stay calm during milking, are happy to be milked and concentrate consumption is cut!

Robust Design

Easily fitted with two fastening brackets the PipeFeeder excels in precision, simplicity and durability. The robust stainless steel pipe contains the stock of concentrate and an ingenious dosing system built into the bottom minimises the noise of pellets falling on metal. The built-in engine also ensuring the PipeFeeder is remarkably quietly.

PipeFeeder05-Staand LowRes
The stainless steel PipeFeeder is available with a choice of black, red, blue or green coloured motor housing.

The PipeFeeder can be linked to any feeding system and controlled for each stand or side of the parlour. A version to suit buildings with limited headroom is available and the DosPrint anti-spilling device, also developed by Hanskamp AgroTech, can be fitted.

For further information on PipeFeeder and other Hanskamp AgroTech innovations, DosPrint, Closing Gate, PropyDos and CrisyDos, tel; 00 31 314 393 797, email [email protected] or browse www.hanskampagrotech.nl


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