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Pat Corrigan Joins STgenetics Canada as Genetic Advisor

ST-HYACINTHE, Quebec — North America-based livestock genetics innovator STgenetics Canada has hired Pat Corrigan as East-Central Ontario Genetics Advisor to expand the company’s growing relationships with dairy producers across the province.

NEWS-20170215-pat corrigan-hand shake.jpgCorrigan brings to this area a wealth of experience within the Industry and proven success in delivering client results and producer satisfaction through excellent communication.

Respected industry person and breeder operating under the Corrcroft prefix, Corrigan has spent his entire career serving farmers in East-Central Ontario.

After graduating from Kemptville College of Agriculture, Corrigan was hired by Holstein Canada and spent a year coordinating the implementation of the milking speed data recording in the entire province for breeding companies in Ontario. He then worked as a dairy fitter for Doug Jarrell Auction Service in Belleville, Ontario as well as being herdsperson and farm manager in Central Ontario, spending then 4 years at the Master Breeder herd Roybrook. Later he became an A.I technician for Eastern Breeders for 12 years and worked his way up to become a Market Development Specialist at E.B.I and Regional Sales Rep for Eastgen in that area. Corrigan has been a key element for generating semen sales and farmer’s satisfaction in that role, as an expert resource whether it was genetic or breeding advice through sire selection, mating programs, genomics, industry knowledge, or reproductive protocols. More recently Corrigan was a SMS evaluator and Area Supervisor for East Central Ontario for Select Sires Genervations, being part of the management team, servicing customers’ needs and helping dairy producers succeed.

STgenetics Canada is thrilled to have Pat Corrigan coming on board and being the contact person in East Central Ontario. He will be a great addition to the growing team of the company in the province, thanks to his motivation by continuous improvement, accountability and solution oriented mindset.  Corrigan and STgenetics share the same passion for progress, so breeders in the area can reach him at (613) 921-8879 or [email protected]  to achieve optimum genetic advancement, by using SexedULTRA 4M™ semen and other tools and programs offered. STgenetics Canada, part of the Sexing Technologies family of companies, specializes in dairy genetics and distribution of high quality genetic products for Holstein, Jersey and Ayrshire breeds across the Globe.

STgenetics Canada works on the mission to improve milk production efficiency and dairy enterprises’ profitability through genetics and gender-sorted semen technologies. For more information go to or contact us by email: [email protected]

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