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Oxford Cheese Please!

Oxford County has finely released its one of a kind Cheese Trail – a guide to all the specialty stores, museums, and restaurants that offer unique and cheese-y experiences in Canada’s dairy capital.

It’s exciting times for a cheese lover in Ontario. There’s a renaissance in artisan cheese production happening here like no other. We’ve got dairies and artisans commited to producing the best, most delicious cheese in the world cropping up all over the place.

No where is this more true than in Oxford County.

At its peak, in the 1800s there were 98 separate cheese factories in Oxford County. While the region doesn’t boast these numbers today, the history–alongside many still operational artisan and large corporate cheese makers–still remains.

Click here for more details and to get on the cheese trail!

Source http: www.ontarioculinary.com
Written by Agatha Podgorski

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