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Oscroft Farms Classification Highlights

Oscroft Farms in Shannonville, ON had a recent visit from the classifier and the day ended with some great results!

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Classification Highlights


  • OCD Jordy Lively VG-86 (Dam: Kevetta Rdburst Luscious EX-94)
  • OSB028 Control Candycrush VG-85 (3rd dam: Deelett Cousteau Candy EX-95)
  • Oscroft Wickham Jenner VG-85
  • Oscroft Jordy Climax GP-84
  • Oscroft Unix Jamila GP-83
  • Oscroft Slater Aleve GP-82
  • Oscroft Control Alannis GP-82

Recently scored 2-year-olds for Hiddencreek Farms/Ralanes

  • Oscroft Slater Renissa VG-86
  • Oscroft Callen Vendetta VG-85


  • Claircrest Sid Lulu VG-87
  • Oscroft Sid Janie VG-87
  • Oscroft Uno Jagger VG-85
  • Oscroft Wickham Behave VG-85

3+ Lactation’s

  • Oscroft Devil Curacao EX
  • Oscroft Bradnick Jenette EX 92 3E
  • Oscroft Doorman Sloan EX 2E
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