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Opsal’s Ridge Registered Holsteins Classification Highlights

© Joey Opsal

Straight from Expo mode into Classification mode at Opsal’s Ridge Registered Holsteins!

Classification Highlights

  • STJ-PV Doorman Harp EX-93
    -Doorman x 91 Sid x Hazel
  • Opsal Guthrie Chanel EX-93
  • Weier-Nook Windbrook Marta EX-93

New Excellents

  • Claytoncrest Salsa EX-91 2nd Lactation
    -Absolute x Redliner Shania EX-95
    -Owned by Hayleigh Geurink
  • Sco-Lo Sid Sin City EX-91
    -Sid x VG-85 Windbrook x Jaguar Sean EX-95
    -Owned by Hayleigh Geurink
  • Opsal Defiant Awe Damn EX-90 3 yr old
    -Defiant x Cleland Avalanche Ada EX-90 x EX Advent x SS Alexis EX-94
    -Maternal Sister to UAA R&W Fall Calf Opsal Bailey Ariana
  • Opsal Atwood Elsa EX-90
  • Opsal Ammo Reputation EX-90

VG 2-Year-Olds

  • Opsal Ammo Drop It Like Its Hot VG-87
  • Black-Tie Perfect Storm VG-87 (Bred and Owned by Hayleigh Geurink)
  • Opsal Sandstorm Carabella VG-86
  • Opsal Humblenkind Emily VG-86
  • Opsal Denver Sophina VG-86
  • Opsal Sandstorm Sniper VG-85
  • Opsal Bailey Sybilla VG-85
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