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Online Semen Ordering from Jetstream Genetics

Now available – direct‐ship online ordering, including early semen from CASHMONEY

Online semen ordering is now available from Jetstream Genetics at Among the first Jetstream sires available via direct‐ship online ordering, 534HO00009 Farnear‐TBR‐BH CASHMONEY‐ET has been eagerly anticipated.

Get the first calves from CASHMONEY and take advantage of the opportunities this new release sire offers. CASHMONEY is at +2438 GTPI and over +3.0 points on Type from a cow family that delivers. The Number 1 Observer son in Canada, CASHMONEY is from the famous Chassity family. At +8.5 for Productive Life, CASHMONEY provides solid numbers across the board.

Online ordering from Jetstream Genetics is secure, fast and efficient for U.S. customers. Choose from either ground (three to five business days) or overnight shipping (one to two business days). Shipping rates include automatic container return from UPS. Jetstream distributors worldwide are ready to fill orders. In Canada contact For distributors in other countries contact [email protected].

Jetstream Genetics provides breed‐defining sires through the upper echelon of genomics, whether those genetics are from deep‐pedigreed cow families or high numbers, extreme type or extreme production, Red or Polled, and the very best bulls that combine these attributes. Jetstream delivers excellence to its customers and provides the tools to increase customers’ genetic rate of gain. In a rapidly changing and evolving AI marketplace, Jetstream secures the most sought‐after genetics and offers competitive and favorable contracts for customers, which allows them their greatest return. Jetstream Genetics is the catalyst in moving genetics forward.

For more information, go to: or call 1.855.4JETSTREAM (855‐453‐8787).

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