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October Class III Milk Price Rebounds to $21.81

cattlefeedThe USDA announced that the October Federal Order Class III milk price rose to $21.81 per hundredweight. That was $1.99 higher for the month, and $3.98 above October 2021.

The benchmark price, which recently set an all-time record high of $25.21 in May of this year, has been dropping in recent months.

So far, the Class III price has averaged $22.19 during 2022.

The Class IV component price was 33-cents higher for the month at $24.96, and $7.92 more than last year.

Earlier this week, the USDA announced that the Wisconsin all milk price for September averaged $22.10 per cwt., which was unchanged from the August price, but was $3.70 more than last September.


Source: Wisconsin Ag Connection

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