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October 2020 Data Shows U.S. Dairy Exports Continuing to Set a Strong Pace

The International Dairy Foods Assn, (IDFA) shined a spotlight on the October export data released Friday by USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).

In doing so, IDFA vice president of trade policy and international affairs Becky Rasdall said, “The October 2020 data shows U.S. dairy exports continuing to set a strong pace across the board. Of the high performers in the latest data, IDFA notes significant growth in dried and modified whey and milk powder exports to China, unsurprising given China’s swine herd restocking goals; in skim milk powder and lactose to Indonesia; in skim milk powder and various kinds of whey and lactose to Vietnam; in skim milk powder and cheeses to Colombia; and in cheese, lactose, and cream to Taiwan.

“After months of downward trends in dairy exports to Mexico, October saw a modest increase again, despite the shipment problems experienced by many bulk, foodservice, and ingredient exporters in the first half of the month.

“Overall, October 2020 is a top-tier month for U.S. dairy exports by both value and volume, creating the possibility that 2020 could be the best year for U.S. dairy exports since 2014. Year to date, the United States has exported $5.45 billion in value and 2.023 MMT in volume of dairy products to countries around the world, outperforming 2019 by 12% and 13%, respectively.”


Source: Feedstuffs

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