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Ocean PP #1 Homozygous Polled Bull in the World

Accelerated Genetics is extremely excited to announce the release of 014HO07449 OCEAN PP-ET as a GeneFORCE® sire. He is a much anticipated bull that will be used as a sire of sons as he comes in with +2253 GTPI®, making him the #1 Homozygous Polled sire available in the world!

OCEAN PP comes from the popular Hickorymea Man-O-Man Opine-P cow family, but stands in Germany as he was purchased as an embryo. He is a Parker-P x  Man-O-Man x  Shottle and has no direct relationship to Lawn Boy! Parker-P is a Garrett x Goldwyn x Paradox-RED that comes from the Hickorymea Goldwyn Oought-P PO family.

Not only does this Homozygous Polled bull have elite GTPI, he also comes in at just under 3.00 PTAT and is over +2.00 point on both Udder and Foot and Leg Composites. Coming in at 6.3% on Calving Ease makes OCEAN PP ideal for use in the heifer pens. He also has great production with over +1000 pounds of Milk and plus on components with +124 pounds of Combined Fat and Protein.

“Interest in Polled dairy cattle has never been greater with customers asking for this gene all over the world,” states Amy VanderMark, Accelerated Genetics vice president domestic sales. “With Ocean PP you can ‘accelerate’ your herd to Polled genetics and still have the genetic merit gain you are looking for.”

OCEAN PP has just what you’ve been asking for and he is the highest-ranking Homozygous Polled bull in the breed that will produce polled calves EVERY TIME! That’s correct, he will make 100% Polled calves!

For more information about OCEAN PP contact your local Accelerated Genetics sales representative, call 1-800-451-9275 or go to: www.accelgen.com.

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