Newly scored EX-94 at Charlyn Farms

Newly scored EX-94 at Charlyn Farms

The anticipation of waiting for classification rounds to begin again proved to be worth the wait at Charlyn Farms in Ontario!

VG-86 point Bruce and EX-94 point Tequila Velinda ©Charlyn Farms

Classification Highlights


  • Charlyn Doorman Fabulous GP-84
  • Charlyn Tequila Bullet VG-85
  • Charlyn Tequila Bomb VG-85
  • Charlyn Tequila Schnapps VG-86

2nd lactation

  • Charlyn Tequila Eden VG-85
  • Charlyn Virality Brystol VG-85
  • Charlyn Bruce Flower VG-86
  • Charlyn Gentry Sue VG-87

3rd lactation+

  • Charlyn Dempsey Wisers VG-88
  • Charlyn Perennial Excite Nina EX-90

Multiple EX

  • Charlyn Verb Sundae EX 3E
  • Charlyn Reagan Rosebud EX 5E
  • Charlyn Fire Burnt EX-91 3E
  • Pharlam MJ Action Victoria EX 93 3E 3 days fresh owned with Lee Simanton
  • Charlyn Colton Eve EX-94 4E

And our newest 94 point cow…

  • Milk N More Tequila Velinda EX-94 4E
    Dam of All-American Charlyn Venue Viva VG-89, she is fresh with an awesome Velocity heifer. Owned with Sandy Mac Gillivary
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