New York Junior Holstein Convention 2017

New York Junior Holstein Convention 2017

Liverpool, NY…New York Junior Holstein enthusiasts gathered in Liverpool, NY January 14-16 for their annual convention.   Attendees participated in a variety of events including, Speaking Contests, Dairy Jeopardy, Dairy Bowl, Folding Display, Scrapbook, and Poster contests.    The weekend celebrated active Holstein youth, awarding members for their calf raffle ticket sales, bred and owned Excellent animal awards, production awards, Scholarship Winners, and Jr. All NY Awards.  The weekend ended on a high note with the Distinguished Junior Member Recognition and the election of the 2017 Junior Executive Board.

2017 Distinguished Junior Members Finalists: Shannon Sears, Schenevus, NY & Emily Mikel, Stafford, NY

17&Older Distinguished Junior Member Semi Finalists: Ellie Ainslie, Jack Brown, Paige Demun

15&16 Year Old Distinguished Junior Member Finalists:  Adam King, Laura Littrell, Matthew Peck, Rachel Rouland

15 & 16 Year Old Distinguished Junior Member Semi Finalists: Austin Ainslie, Jade Atherton, Joshua Douglas, Rachel Hoffer, Devin Kuhn, Ryan Lawton, Blake Wadsworth, Bryce Warriner

13 & 14 Year Old Distinguished Junior Members: Aidan Ainslie, George Andrew, Emily Burns, Ryan Peck, Elizabeth Swatling, Jack Vunk

11 & 12 Year Old Distinguished Junior Members: Abbie Ainslie, William Andrew, Isaac Folts, Natalie Fredericks, Lauren King, Nathanial King, Katie Larmon, Ella Sherman, Gabriella Taylor, Caitlyn VanDeusen

10 Years & Under Distinguished Junior Members: Natalie Capluzzi, Lilly Mills, Wyatt Swatling, Luke Taylor

The Junior Dairy Bowl Contest had 25 teams participating with the team from Tri-County taking home first place and Wyoming County taking home second place.  Members of the Tri-County Team included Phil Rea, Blake Wadsworth, Elizabeth Swatling, and Adam King, coached by Seth Wadsworth.

The Senior Dairy Bowl Competition consisted of 14 teams with the team from Wyoming County winning first place and the team from Delaware County taking home second prize.  The Wyoming County team included Allison Herrick, Tracy Rudgers, Nick George, Angela George and was coached by Will Herrick.

Junior Dairy Knowledge Exam: 1st Blake Wadsworth 2nd-George Andrew 3rd(tie)-Anna Reinshagen, Danielle Herrick

Senior Dairy Knowledge Exam: 1st-Randy Reinshagen, 2nd-Stephanie Bishop 3rd (tie)-Rachel Rouland, Caleb VanBuren

Junior Dairy Jeopardy: 1st-George Andrew 2nd-Kailey Kuhn 3rd-David Merrill

Intermediate Dairy Jeopardy: 1st-Bryce Windecker 2nd-Laura Littrell 3rd-Randall Reinshagen

Senior Dairy Jeopardy: 1st-Paige Demun 2nd-Courtney Dearnley 3rd-Tracy Rudgers

Novice Speaking Contest: 1st Wyatt Swatling, Participants: Max Pullis, Lilly Marshman, Julia Vunk, Caleb Bush

Junior Prepared Speaking Contest: 1st-Lilly Mills 2nd-Zane Swatling 3rd-Gabriella Taylor

Intermediate Prepared Speaking Contest: 1st-Ellie Ainslie 2nd-Danielle Herrick 3rd-Chrissy Putnam

Senior Prepared Speaking Contest: 1st-Shannon Sears 2nd-Paige Demun 3rd-Matthew Currie

Junior Extemporaneous Speaking Contest: 1st-Carolyn Littrell 2nd-Elizabeth Hyman 3rd-Tyler Larmon

Intermediate Extemporaneous Speaking Contest: 1st-Rachel Rouland 2nd-Jack Vunk 3rd-Bryce Windecker

Senior Extemporaneous Speaking Contest: 1st-Allison Herrick 2nd-Courtney Dearnley 3rd-Jessica Skellie

Scrapbook Contest: 1st Schoharie County 2nd-Tri-County 3rd-Madison County

Folding Display Contest: 1st-OHM 2nd-Wayne 3rd-Cortland

Novice Poster Contest: 1st-Logan Mills 2nd-Liliana Coon 3rd-Coghlan Mullen

Junior Poster Contest: 1st-Trenton True 2nd-Hannah Raymond 3rd-Zane Swatling

Intermediate Poster Contest: 1st Ellie Ainslie 2nd-Rachel Rouland 3rd-Tyler Gorczya

Senior Poster Contest: 1st-Shannon Sears

Calf Raffle Ticket High Seller: Justin Wolfe, OHM

Scholarship Winners: Josh Chisholm, Courtney Dearnley, Stephanie Finn, Stephanie McBath, Kristin Gallagher, Jennifer King, Kayla Windecker

Steve Ziemba Memorial Scholarship: Brett Post

JRExecCommittee-web5002017 Junior Executive Committee: President-Kayla Windecker, Convention-Stephanie Bishop, Dairy Bowl-Tracy Rudgers, Dairy Jeopardy-Rachel Hoffer, Education-Taylor Currie, Activities-Johnathan King, Promotion-Rachel Rouland, Special Funding-Bryce Windecker, Showmanship & Judging-Ellie Ainslie, Financial Secretary-Courtney Dearnley, Recording Secretary-Allison Herrick, Awards- Emily Ooms, Resolution & Bylaws-Emily McBath

The Convention is made possible by all of the generous award and program sponsors, we would like to thank them for their continued dedication to New York Junior Holstein Association.

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