New York Charm: Farm Tour to Liddleholme Holsteins

New York Charm: Farm Tour to Liddleholme Holsteins

The US National Holstein Convention is underway, and Wednesday June 29th featured tours to several farms in the Saratoga area. One farm featured on the tours was Liddleholme Holsteins

Liddleholme HolsteinsYou can view more highlights of the US National Holstien Convention, and tours:
Clear Echo Farm
Kings Ransom Farm
Welcome Stock Farm
Ideal Dairy Farm

Visit the Liddleholme Tag Sale Page on Cowsmo

The National Convention Tour to Liddleholme Holsteins

Tour participants were treated to a warm welcome from the talented Adam Liddle & family whose breeding goals are to produce multiple generations of high scoring cows from families like Lulu, Roxy Ashlyn, Apple-Red, Hezbollah, Chief Adeen & Camomile. Guests were also able to view the cattle on view for their Tag Sale.

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