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New Scores for Tramilda & Stunning Holsteins

Tramilda & Stunning Holsteins are celebrating some great new scores after spending the morning with the classifier at the farm. Results include six new EX and a dozen high scoring VG 2-year-olds! Congratulations!

Tramilda Brady Paris  EX-94  94-MS
Stunning BW Lauren  EX-92  92-MS
Stunning Doc Emblem EX-91  91-MS
Tramilda Gold Chip Rage EX-90  EX-MS
Tramilda Wings Iowa  EX-90  91-MS
Tramilda Pizazz Galaxy  EX-90  91-MS

Tramilda Basic Iowa  VG-87
Tramilda Rager Marci-Red VG-87
Tramilda Doc Alice VG-86
TTM Crushabull Bracket VG-86
Triple-T-MPH Rosi-Red  VG-86
Tramilda Delta Bullseye VG-85
Tramilda Rager Flare-Red VG-85
Stunning-M Draftking Lovely VG-85
Stunning-M Menace Latitude VG-85
Tramilda Aristocrat Peacock VG-85
Tramilda Twitch Switch VG-85
Tramilda Helix Goldie VG-85

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