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New Scores for Misty Meadow Jerseys

The AJCA classifier made a stop recently to score the Misty Meadow cows housed in California and left a number of highlights!

South Mountain Premier Sprite now EX-94% (max score)
Arethusa Premier Vianna now EX-93%
South Mountain Andreas Cashmere-ET EX-91% (max score)
Arethusa VIP Eyota EX-91%
Heaths Applejack Ribbon EX-91%
Arethusa Joel Cardi-ET EX-90%
Arethusa Reviresco Vice EX-90%
South Mountain Andreas Radical-ET EX-90%
Arethusa Applejack Kinsley VG-88%
Arethusa Colton Vivica VG-88%
Arethusa Colton Vieux Carre VG-88%
Arethusa Showdown Kiana-ET VG-86%

First lactation cows:
Arethusa Gentry Madrid-ET VG-88%
Rivendale Gentry Falcon-ET VG-88%
MM Gentry Verbose-ET VG-88%
Arethusa Gentry Chantile-ET VG-87%
Borderview Andreas Count-ET VG-86%
Arethusa Gentry Chavonne-ET VG-85%
Arethusa Impression Varozza-ET VG-85%
Arethusa Fireman Paisley VG-85%
Arethusa Victorious Vedia VG-85%

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