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New Scores At WestVale-View Dairy

WestVale-View Dairy in Nashville, MI hosted the classifier last week and have a number of outstanding new scores to announce! The 240-head WestVale-View herd supplies the famous MOO-Ville Creamery with A2A2 milk for their retail stores.  Totals in the herd now include 24 Excellent and 87 Very Good cows.

 11 New EX, 4 Raised EX 

Quitcove-AA Be Afraid-ET EX-93 96-MS (Doorman X Barbies)
MOO-ville Delta Whoop Whoop-ET EX-93 94-MS(Delta X Supersire)
MOO-ville Mack Candy EX-91 3E (Mack X Atlantic) over 300,000 lifetime
MOO-ville Chief Clairise-ET EX-91 93-MS (Chief X Byway)
MOO-ville Decker Roxy EX-90 ( Decker X Damarius)
MOO-ville SK Hennessey-ET EX-91 (Sidekick X Doorman)
MOO-ville Rapid Elodee EX-90 (Rapid X Spring)
MOO-ville Hancock Kenley EX-90 (Hancock X Imax)
MOO-ville Riveting Hildie-ET EX-90 94-MS (Riveting X Imax)
Sunquest Delta Wonder-ET EX-90 (Delta X Supersire)
Sunquest Bandares Wowza EX-90 (Bandares X Delta)
Sunquest Big Bang EX-90 (Big Hit X Jedi)
BGP Band Batavia-ET EX-90 (Bandares X Meridian)
12 New VG 2-year-olds
Sunquest Latenite Date VG-87 (Latenite-Red-P X Doorman)
MOO-ville Chief Carmel VG-87 (Chief X Doorman)
MOO-ville Parfect Be Afraid VG-87 (Parfect X EX Hancock X Doorman Be Afriad EX93)
D2 Chief Mischief VG-86 (Chief X King Doc)
MOO-ville Hancock Snowstorm VG-86 (Hancock X Jerod)
MOO-ville Conway Hollie VG-86 (Conway X Lawson)
MOO-ville Hancock Imelda VG-86 (Hancock X Byway)


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