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New Scores at Robeth Holsteins

The Kennett family at Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester, Vermont recently hosted the classifier who sorted through their Robeth Holsteins herd. Here are some of the highlights!

New Excellent cows
Robeth DB Patagonia  EX-92 3yrs (MAX score)
Robeth Sid Peachum EX-92
Robeth Atwood Rainfall EX-92
Robeth Polinator Syrup EX-92
ShowBros DB Denali EX-91
Moody-Meadows Jordy AJ-Red EX-90

New multiple E cows

Robeth Addiction Shakira EX-90 2E
Robeth Sid July EX-90 2E
New VG-88 cows
Robeth DB Savory VG-88
Robeth DB Pendaberry VG-88
Robeth Addiction Scarlett-Red-P VG-88
Robeth Atwood Snickers VG-88
Robeth Atwood Paradime VG-88
Robeth Atwood Pru VG-88
Robeth Corvette SweetC VG-88
Very Good 2-year-olds
Robeth DB Peppa VG-87
Robeth DB Piggy VG-86
Robeth DB Shauna-Red VG-85
Robeth DB Peanight-Red VG-85
Robeth DB Reeze VG-85
Robeth DB PandaBear VG-85
Robeth DB Rainbow VG-85
Robeth Doc Caliente VG-85
Robeth Doc Bonnett VG-85
Robeth Doc Trombone VG-86
Robeth Unix Skittles VG-85
VT-Pond-view Analyst Dell VG-85
Mapleside Denver Camille VG-85

This classification kicks off the preparation in earnest for the Legacy of Liberty Hill – Robeth’s Finest – Sale to be held at the farm on April 27, 2024!

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