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New Scores at Quality Holsteins & Jerseys

Quality Holsteins & Jerseys recently had an exciting classification round with outstanding new scores to report!

Seven VG 1st lactation cows – two at max score VG-87
Two VG-89 2nd lactation cows
Three VG-88 2nd lactation cows
Five VG-87 2nd lactation cows
Fie New Excellent cows
Highlights include:
Belmoral Kamasutra Master – VG-87 (max) 89-MS  (All-Canadian Spring Yearling 2022; Master x EX-93 3E Control)
JM Valley Crushtime Ladygirl – VG-87 (max) 88-MS  (Crushtime x VG-88 Sidekick 2yr x EX-95 4E Windbrook Lynzi)
Quality Chief Honey – VG-89 2nd lactation 89-MS  (Chief x EX-94 Atwood)
Erbcrest Doc Marilou – EX-93 95-MS  (King Doc x EX-92 3E Stanleycup)
Blondin Sidekick Charabia – EX-92 94-MS  (Sidekick x VG-86 Beemer x EX-95 Camomile)
Starrcrest Weapon of Choice – VG-89 2nd lactation 91-MS  (HM All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2021; Choice x EX-91 2E Premier)
Glenholme Casino Cash – VG-88 89-MS  (Casino x VG-87 Ringman x VG-88 Comerica)
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