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New Scores at Lellavan Farms

Lellavan Farms of Maitland, Nova Scotia had a visit from the Holstein Canada classifier earlier this week and the McLellan family had some outstanding results to report!

New Very Goods:
Lellavan Dempsey Estelle VG-86-2YR
Lellavan Kingpin Rapunzel VG-85-2YR (Nom All-Canadian 4-H Junior Yearling 2018)
Lellavan Abbott Ethereal VG-85-2YR
Lellavan Meridian Carrie VG-85-2YR
Lellavan Doorman Finella VG-87
Lellavan Reft Friction VG-86
Lellavan Atwood Rio VG-85
Lellavan Loaded Fran VG-85
Lellavan Superpower Calypso VG-85
Lellavan Millennium Showgirl VG-85

Very Good cows moving up in score:
Lellavan Durbin Edie VG-88
Lellavan Chicago Drama VG-88
Lellavan Uno Raspberry VG-87
Lellavan Bradnick Filippa VG-87
Lellavan Aftershock Freedom VG-87
Lellavan Goldchip Delirious VG-87
Lellavan Elude Lucy VG-87

New Excellent and ME cows:
Lellavan Doorman Divinity EX-91
Lellavan Fever Fireball EX-90
Lellavan Windbrook Flare EX-90
Discover Windhammer Magnum EX-90-2E

Herd totals: 17 EX, 84 VG, 63 GP

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