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New Scores at Karnview

Karnview Farms in Woodstock, ON hosted the classifier recently and have a slew of outstanding new scores to report!
1st Lactation:
Karnview Gunshow Chief Beyonce VG-87 MAX 💥 88 MS
Karnview Denver Apricot VG-86
Karnview Lambda Accent VG-85 (daughter of JM Valley Chief Acapella EX 93)
Karnview Impression Abba Dabba VG-85
Karnview Lambda Magical VG-85 (sister to Karnview Alligator Magic)
Karnview Legend Lillith VG-85
Karnview Douglas Ryleigh VG-85
Karnview Chief Koolaid GP-84
Karnview Crushtime Luxuriant GP-84
Karnview Backflip Satisfaction GP-84

2nd Lactation:
Karnview Freaky Fast VG-89 MAX 💥 (89 MS, 89 RP, 91 DS, 90 F&L)
JM Valley Junecrush VG-88 (89 MS) (dam of Karnview Haniko Juliet)
Kingsway Avalanche Jazlyn VG-88 (89 MS) (*RC Grand daughter of Jasmine)
Cobequid Awesome Linley VG-88 (89 MS)
Kimball-Way Unstp Spring VG-88 (*RC Grand daughter of Subliminal)
Duckett Impression Bekah VG-88 (dam of Karnview Gunshow Chief Beyonce)
Karnview Denver Renewal VG-87
Karnview Crushtime Avacado VG-86 (sister to Karnview Denver Apricot)
Ri-Jul Tatoo Magic VG-86 (dam of Karnview Alligator Magic)
Karnview Impression Rooftop VG-86
Karnview Benefit Rover VG-86
Karnview Unstopabull Hanna VG-85
Karnvilla Benefit Recluse VG-85
Karnvilla Impression Batista VG-85

3+ Lactation:
Stonebed Chief Jaxpot EX-91 (95 DS, 92 RP)
J-Star Calaway Tatoo Lovely EX-90
Legend-Maker Jacoby Vivica EX-90 (95 RP)  (maternal sister to Legend-Maker Victor at Semex)
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